Marvell Hard Disk Drives (HDD) Solutions

硬盘驱动器 (HDD) 解决方案


硬盘驱动器 (HDD) 解决方案

数据量的爆炸式增长正推动边缘到云对更大数据存储容量的需求。 Marvell 业界排名靠前的综合的存储技术,可为每一个不断增长的细分市场提供低功耗、高容量的可靠解决方案。


硬盘驱动器 (HDD) 解决方案

HDD Controller

The HDD controller is a system-on-chip (SOC) that controls the overall functionality of the HDD. Marvell’s HDD controller design delivers best-in-class areal density capability and power consumption; and integrates critical IP including the Read Channel, PHY transceivers, processors, and data security.


HDD 前置放大器


HDD Media

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