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Marvell Storage Solutions Power Toshiba’s 18TB Cloud-Scale Capacity HDD

各公司扩大 HDD 控制器和前置放大器方面的合作,以满足云数据中心日益增长的高容量存储需求

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 18, 2021-- Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) today announced that its hard disk drive (HDD) controller and preamplifier are shipping in Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation’s MG09 Series 18TB Cloud-Scale HDD family of products. This announcement extends the longstanding relationship between Marvell and Toshiba to bring revolutionary storage products to market, and marks a new milestone for the companies following the successful 2019 launch of Toshiba’s MG08 16TB capacity HDD with Marvell storage solutions.

As the digital transformation proliferates with accelerating adoption of cloud services, digital payments, artificial intelligence, 5G and video streaming, cloud data centers are driving an insatiable demand for higher capacity data storage solutions. Toshiba’s MG09 Series HDD product keeps pace with this massive growth in data by offering 18TB of capacity with proven reliability, power efficiency and significant total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits for cloud-scale infrastructure. Toshiba’s 18TB HDD product delivers unprecedented data storage capacity by utilizing innovative microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) technology and advanced signal processing developed in close collaboration with Marvell. These HDDs offer maximum storage capacity for optimal rack space efficiency while providing must-have flexibility to address a diverse array of workloads.

Marvell provides advanced HDD Read Channel technology with leading-edge areal density gains, and a proven HDD preamplifier product that is designed to enable Toshiba’s innovative MAMR architecture. In addition, the close coupling of Marvell’s Read Channel and preamplifier IP delivers exceptional features and HDD capacity needed to extend Toshiba’s leadership position in the data center market.

“Marvell’s state-of-the-art HDD controller and preamplifier devices have proven instrumental in bringing our MG09 18TB HDD to market to address the demand for hyperscale cloud scalability,” said Kyle Yamamoto, vice president HDD Marketing and Business Operations for Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. “As one of our most strategic and trusted suppliers, Marvell has enabled us to expand the capacity of our Cloud-Scale HDD products while also achieving unsurpassed quality and reliability.”

“We are thrilled that our HDD controller and preamplifier products are being used by Toshiba to power their breakthrough MG09 HDD and deliver cloud-optimized performance and features,” said Matt Kim, senior director, HDD Product Marketing at Marvell. “This design achievement with Toshiba speaks volumes about Marvell’s leading HDD IP capabilities and underscores the value of our engineering expertise and trusted partnership.”

Marvell’s comprehensive suite of HDD controller and preamplifier solutions leverage the company’s 25-year history in storage leadership, IP and process excellence, and are enabling the growth of mass storage applications from the edge to the cloud.

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