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With employee ownership as the cornerstone of how Marvell operates, our people’s achievements enable our industry-defining advances. 


Marvell 职业生涯

At Marvell, we believe that fresh perspectives reveal new ways forward. That leading is for all, not just a few. And that the more you learn and grow, the more we all succeed. Through teamwork, we deliver the very best solutions for our customers and know that everyone has an important role to play in changing the way tomorrow looks for the better. 

Internship and Entry Level Programs

Marvell 职业生涯
Marvell 职业生涯
Marvell 职业生涯

What Makes Marvell?




Marvell 不会因种族、肤色、宗教、性别、性取向、性别认同、国籍、残疾状况或受保护的退伍军人身份而歧视任何员工或求职者。Marvell 将积极采取行动,确保求职者在受聘,就业期间不因其种族、肤色、宗教、性别、性取向、性别认同、国籍、残疾状况或受保护的退伍军人身份而被区别对待。禁止歧视适用于所有就业机会和决定(包括学徒),包括但不限于雇用:升职、降职、调任、招聘、招聘广告、裁员、解雇、工资或其他形式的报酬;以及选拔培训。


对 Marvell 而言,为每个人构建包容的工作场所至关重要,若您已受益于应用支持或居住设施(如手语翻译或专用设备),请为此助一臂之力。 然后,Marvell 会让您与候选人住宿团队联系,保密性地对您的选择进行讨论。

如有任何疑问,请联系 Marvell 人力资源服务台。
Phone: 408-222-3604