Marvell PAM DSP Chip


Delivering essential high-bandwidth optical connectivity for AI platforms with best-in-class performance, power efficiency, and speed

Cloud-optimized PAM4 DSPs enable high-bandwidth for AI applications

Marvell's high-speed PAM4 DSPs are at the forefront of the industry, driving the development of DSP-based optical ecosystem and delivering high-performance, low-power optical connectivity solutions for cloud AI, service provider infrastructure, enterprise, and 5G.

Networking Optical Interconnects

PAM4 Ecosystem

The ever-growing demand for higher bandwidth, lower power, and smaller footprint driven by AI, cloud services, video streaming, and 5G wireless megatrends requires advanced solutions. Marvell's field-proven PAM4 DSPs offer an ideal solution for high-speed optical interconnects in cloud data centers and carrier networks.

Optical Applications

Marvell's essential technologies power cloud data centers and carrier networks in the AI era. With increasing demands for artificial intelligence, video content, software automation, and 5G applications, these networks face immense pressure to scale and expand their bandwidth capacity. Marvell's PAM4 DSPs deliver the performance and versatility required to upgrade legacy 1G to 10G Ethernet infrastructure to higher speeds like 50G, 100G, 400G, 800G, 1.6T, and beyond.

  • Supports up to 100G PAM4 or 25GNRZ on host side and up to 200G on line side
  • 低功耗
  • Compatible API and software suite
  • Highly configurable DSP engine with a unique mixed mode DSP architecture
  • Integrated 56Gbaud or 112Gbaud laser drivers

Nova™ 1.6T PAM4 DSP

Nova 1.6T PAM4 DSP to enable 1.6T optical transceiver modules for Al/ML and next-gen cloud data center networks.

Spica™ 800G PAM4 DSP Family

Spica 800G PAM4 DSP Family, including the Spica Gen2 DSP, to enable 800G optical transceiver modules for hyperscale data centers and Al networks.

Porrima™ PAM4 DSP Family

The Porrima 100G PAM4 platform family to build 100G, 400G networks for hyperscale data center networks.

Alcor™ 100G PAM4 DSP

The Alcor PAM4 platform solution to accelerate the industry’s transition from 25G to 100G per wavelength.

Polaris™ 50G PAM4 DSP Family

The Polaris™ 50G PAM4 family to build 50G,100G,200G, 400G networks for high-performance hyperscale data center, cloud computing and emerging AI applications.

The Atlas 50G PAM4 DSP chipset with integrated TIAs and laser drivers, is in bare die form to enable high-performance cloud data center and emerging AI applications.

AtlasOne 50G PAM4 DSP

The AtlasOne™ PAM4 DSP with TIA chipset is a next-generation solution for next-generation 5G RAN optical fronthaul.





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