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Marvell to Ship 5 Billionth HDD Controller

强调 Bravera 在云和边缘应用程序数据存储解决方案方面的技术佼佼者地位

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Dec. 7, 2021 – Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) today announced that it will ship its 5 billionth hard disk drive (HDD) controller next month, marking a significant milestone in the company’s 25 years of delivering data storage solutions. This achievement is a testament to the longevity of Marvell’s HDD business and underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to investing in and developing cutting-edge Bravera™ HDD products and IP to address the ever-increasing need for greater storage capacity. 

The ongoing digital transformation is driving the adoption of cloud services, digital payments, artificial intelligence, and 5G, requiring higher capacity data storage. As a result, cloud data centers are looking for HDD storage to meet the growing zettabyte demand. Marvell’s comprehensive suite of Bravera HDD controller and preamplifier solutions leverage the company’s IP and process excellence including over 1,500 HDD-related patents and 18 generations of Read Channel IP. With its advanced architecture built on best-in-class areal density, data reliability, and power consumption, Marvell is enabling the growth of mass storage applications from the edge to the cloud.

“Reaching our 5 billionth HDD controller shipment is a huge accomplishment and we’d like to take a moment to thank our longstanding customers and partners for their trust and collaboration over many years. We celebrate this milestone alongside them,” said Dan Christman, Executive Vice President, Storage Group at Marvell. “We remain deeply committed to the HDD market and will continue to invest in leading-edge Bravera technologies that advance the next generation of cloud data storage infrastructure.”

“A trusted supplier for more than 25 years, Marvell has collaborated on a number of Seagate’s industry-firsts including the initial enterprise HDD SoC,” said Joel Drewes, Vice President of Electronics Supply Chain at Seagate. “With the datasphere doubling every three years, driving innovation with key partners like Marvell will be critical to supporting mass capacity growth and enhancing value for our customers.”

“Marvell’s state-of-the-art HDD controller and preamplifier technologies have proven instrumental in the development of our cloud-scale capacity HDD products,” said Kyle Yamamoto, Vice President of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. HDD Business Unit. “We congratulate Marvell on its amazing milestone achievement, and as one of our most trusted and strategic suppliers, we look forward to our continued collaboration in developing advanced solutions to meet the demand for hyperscale cloud scalability.”

“The universe of data is evolving and growing rapidly driven by new applications in AI/ML, blockchain, IoT, smart video and more, all powered by the cloud, and there is no doubt that HDDs will continue to be a key foundational building block to help customers store more, and do more with their data,” said Ravi Pendekanti, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, Western Digital’s HDD business unit. “Congratulations to Marvell for achieving this milestone and for being a part of Western Digital’s essential and critical ecosystem, bringing innovative storage solutions to help the world keep up with data growth, and bringing value to our customers.”

“Marvell’s shipment of 5 billion HDD controllers is no small feat, enabling approximately 4.9 Zettabytes to be shipped over this timeframe. This milestone is a testament to the company’s commitment and leadership in advancing HDD technology,” said John Chen, Vice President, TRENDFOCUS. “Marvell’s continued innovation has helped advance the HDD industry to record capacity shipments. As the insatiable demand for HDD exabytes in the cloud continues to grow, Marvell is well positioned to remain a leader in this industry with its strategic focus on storage infrastructure and its cutting-edge HDD IP portfolio.”

Marvell’s Bravera storage solutions span HDD controllers and preamplifiers, solid state drive (SSD) controllers and storage accelerators.

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为了通过数据基础设施技术实现全球互联的愿景,我们正在构建非常强大的基础解决方案: 我们与客户携手。 25 年来,我们一直受到排名靠前技术公司的信赖,运用专为客户当前需求和未来理想而设计的半导体解决方案实现对全球数据的移动、存储、处理与保护。 通过深度协作、践行透明化的沟通方式,我们致力于促进未来企业、云、汽车和运营商架构的不断转型与完善。

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