Marvell Data Processing Units

Data Processing Units (DPU)

Empowering 5G carrier, enterprise and AI cloud data infrastructure

Compute, Baseband and Accelerator Platforms

Built on seven generations of the industry’s first, most scalable and widely adopted data infrastructure processors, Marvell’s OCTEON® 10, OCTEON® 10 Fusion and ARMADA® platforms, include a comprehensive range of in-line hardware accelerators and are optimized for AI cloud data centers, 5G wireless infrastructure, enterprise and wireline carrier networks.

Empowering carrier, enterprise and cloud data services

Data Processing Units (DPU)

Marvell’s OCTEON and ARMADA devices are design for use in 5G wireless infrastructure and networking equipment including switches, routers, secure gateways, firewall, network monitoring, and SmartNICs (Smart Network Interface Cards) and are supported with comprehensive and unified software development kits (SDKs) and open source APIs for a wide range of networking, security and compute market applications.


OCTEON 10 Family

OCTEON Fusion 基带处理器

The newest member, the OCTEON 10 Fusion baseband processor, is built on globally-proven 5G baseband technology with comprehensive inline Layer 1 (L1) acceleration providing ultra-low latency, high system capacity, and high per-user data rates. Unlike solutions based on general purpose processors, OCTEON 10 Fusion platforms are optimized to deliver best-in-class 5G performance, power, cost, and time-to-market for integrated or open and virtualized RAN architectures. 

  • Industry’s first 5nm 4G/5G baseband processor
  • Unified platform that supports existing and emerging cloud RAN architectures
  • Enables open, virtualized RAN (vRAN) deployment with feature, performance and power efficiency of exsting, integrated macro base stations.
  • Support for all L1 O-RAN split options
  • Radio Unit (RU) and Distributed Unit (DU) implementations, enabling software reuse
  • Supports ultra-wide bandwidth Massive MIMO RU deployment up to 64T64R and beyond
  • Supports mid-band (sub-7 GHz) and mmWave radio frequencies making them suitable for 5G deployments in any region worldwide
  • Highly configurable baseband offers flexible cell/sector/bandwidth combinations as required for different operator deployment scenarios
  • Optimized 5G PHY layer with sufficient programmability to support future enhancements to the 3GPP 5G Advanced specification
  • Consists of silicon, software and hardware reference designs

OCTEON Fusion CNF105

CNF105 baseband processor provides 5G and LTE-A PHY layer (L1) functionality, including advanced massive MIMO, for high capacity multi-sector macro base station designs ranging from from sub-7GHz to milllimeter wave frequency bands. CNF105 also supports O-RAN and vRAN Distributed Units as well as O-RAN massive MIMO Radio Units.



No-Compromise 5G Open vRAN Accelerators

Marvell is working with RAN and cloud ecosystem partners to develop and deploy 5G Accelerator cards powered by OCTEON 10 Fusion® processors – built on baseband technology widely proven in leading 5G networks worldwide – in a PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect express) card format. The innovative OCTEON 10 Fusion architecture leverages comprehensive in-line 5G Layer 1 acceleration and Marvell’s extensive data infrastructure expertise to enable RAN virtualization in cloud data centers with the features and performance of established, integrated 5G networks.


  • Supports open, scalable best-in-class 5G performance, power and cost
  • Built on industry-first 5nm 5G baseband processor
  • Interface to any Arm- or x86-based host server via standard PCIe slot
  • Cloud-optimized in-line 5G acceleration and containerized offload via VFs
  • Full O-RAN compliance with AAL support and O1/O2 interfaces
  • Open-source development tools, including DPDK, and open APIs
  • Integrates with all major cloud management software platforms
  • Collaborative designs with RAN and cloud hardware and software partners

OCTEON Data Processing Units

Marvell’s OCTEON 10 DPU is optimized for challenging hyperscale cloud workloads, 5G transport processing, 5G RAN intelligent controller (RIC) & edge inferencing, carrier & enterprise data center applications and fanless networking edge boxes.


  • Industry’s first 5nm DPU that incorporates Arm Neoverse N2 cores delivering 3X the compute performance and 50 percent lower power over previous generations of OCTEON
  • Innovative hardware accelerators for inline ML/AI deliver 100x performance gains over software-based inferencing
  • VPP based hardware accelerator improve the packet processing rate by over 5x
  • Integrated 1 Terabit switch, true inline crypto and highly programmable packet processing
  • Datapath support exceeding 400G
  • The DPU enables high speed connectivity with advanced interfaces including DDR5, PCIe 5.0, and highly optimized silicon proven 56G SerDes

OCTEON 10 CN102, CN103, CN106, and CN106S



Marvell’s OCTEON TX2 is 64-bit ARM SoC processors that combine up to 36 cores with configurable and programmable hardware accelerator blocks that support up to 200G data paths.

  • Up to 36 custom designed 64-bit Armv8 cores ranging up to 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Enhanced NITROX® V security co-processors with DPI capability which accelerate a comprehensive set of asymmetric and symmetric cryptographic operations
  • Up to 5 x 100G integrated MACs, up to 56 x 25G SerDes, and DDR4 3200MTS support
  • Rich I/O interfaces supporting PCIe 4.0 root-complex and end point configurations thereby enabling full SOC virtualization
  • Innovative load-balancing and work scheduling hardware for QoS, packet ordering and synchronization


OCTEON TX2 CN92XX, CN96xx, CN98xx


  • Enhanced security processors with DPI capability which accelerate a comprehensive set of asymmetric and symmetric cryptographic operations
  • Rich I/O interfaces supporting root-complex and end point configurations on PCIe 3.0
  • 创新和独特的负载平衡和消息调度硬件,可解决服务质量、数据包排序和同步的问题
  • Common SDK and full networking data plane, control and management plane stack support across the entire family



  • Highest (24) ARM processor core count SmartNIC on the market
  • Full featured DPDK networking and security suite with Control, Management and Data plane modules



Marvell’s OCTEON DPUs are supported by a common SDK with user plane extensions and hooks for kernel level enhancements.



  • Up to 4 Cortex A72, 64-bit ARMv8 cores ranging up to 1.4 GHz frequency
  • Advanced security co-processor which accelerates a comprehensive set of asymmetric and symmetric cryptographic operations
  • Rich I/O interfaces supporting root-complex and end point configurations on PCIe 3.0
  • Networking engine which accounts for hardware parsing, classification, policing and QoS
  • Common SDK and full networking data plane, control and management plane stack support across the entire family



  • Market applications that are supported include routing and SD-WAN, network security and threat detection, MEC and edge compute, network disaggregation
  • Support for DPDK poll mode and event mode drivers
  • VPP and ODP support on top of DPDK
  • Kernel hooks provided for XDP and eBPF
  • SDK support for tight integration with Marvell® Switch API and NIC device driver software


Unified Software Development Kit


OCTEON TX2 DPDK software package ensures the successful implementation of Marvell’s advanced packet-processing and hardware accelerators.

Getting Started

Read more for an overview of how to install and configure the DPDK software on the OCTEON TX2.


Marvell has developed a rich ecosystem of hardware system level and software partners who are able to showcase OCTEON & ARMADA capabilities across multiple verticals.




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