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How to Reap the Benefits of NVMe over Fabric in 2020

作者:Todd Owens,Marvell 技术营销经理

As native Non-volatile Memory Express (NVMe®) share-storage arrays continue enhancing our ability to store and access more information faster across a much bigger network, customers of all sizes – enterprise, mid-market and SMBs – confront a common question: what is required to take advantage of this quantum leap forward in speed and capacity?

Within the same storage footprint, NVMe has up to 64k queus with 64k commands per queue while SCSI only has a single queue of 64 commands.

  • NVMe over Fibre Channel (FC-NVMe)
  • NVMe over RoCE RDMA (NVMe/RoCE)
  • NVMe over TCP (NVMe/TCP)
Why Nvme over Fabrics. Local NVMe Storage leads to Storage Network Fabric, which is then networked NVMe Storage

  1. NVMe Storage Network Infrastructure


On the switching side, most 10/25/100GbE switches that have shipped in the past 2-3 years support data center bridging (DCB) and priority flow control (PFC), and can support the lossless Ethernet environment needed to support a low-latency, high-performance NVMe/RoCE fabric.

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  • Operating System Support

  • Storage Array Support

A few storage array vendors have released mid-range and enterprise class storage arrays that are NVMe-native. NetApp sells arrays that support both NVMe/RoCE and FC-NVMe, and are available today. Pure Storage offers NVMe arrays that support NVMe/RoCE, with plans to support FC-NVMe and NVMe/TCP in the future. In late 2019, Dell EMC introduced its PowerMax line of flash storage that supports FC-NVMe. This year and next, other storage vendors will be bringing arrays to market that will support both NVMe/RoCE and FC-NMVe. We expect storage arrays that support NVMe/TCP will become available in the same time frame.

Future-proof your investments by anticipating NVMe-oF tomorrow

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