Marvell QLogic 2770 系列光纤通道适配器

Enhanced 32GFC (Fibre Channel) adapters with single, dual and quad port configurations giving top line performance for FC and FC-NVMe along with efficient CPU offloading capabilities


QLogic 2770 系列
进阶版 32GFC(光纤通道)适配器
Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel USCM - Universal SAN Congestion Mitigation 
Effective and efficient identification and mitigation of SAN congestion by leveraging intelligent fabric – end point collaboration
Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel Port Isolation Architecture 
Port-level isolation architecture provides reliability and predictability across all ports on all Marvell QLogic FC HBAs.
QLogic FC HBA 上的加密安全固件确保 SAN 完整性
Real-World Requirements from Fibre Channel HBAs
Get the facts about how Fibre Channel HBA capabilities improve real-world application performance
FC-NVMe (NVMe over Fibre Channel)
QLogic® Enhanced 16GFC / 32GFC HBAs Fibre Channel – the most trusted fabric can transport NVMe natively


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PCIe 4.0,x8,单/1 端口,32GFC,SR-Optic,SFP+,小尺寸 产品简介
PCIe 4.0,x8,双/2 端口,32GFC,SR-Optic,SFP+,小尺寸 产品简介