Marvell OEM Partnership Solutions

QLogic Fibre Channel

Real-World Requirements from Fibre Channel HBAs
Get the facts about how Fibre Channel HBA capabilities improve real-world application performance.
FC-NVMe (NVMe over Fibre Channel)
QLogic® Enhanced 16GFC / 32GFC HBAs Fibre Channel – the most trusted fabric can transport NVMe natively
Dell PowerVault ME5 – Next Gen Entry-Storage Array
Dell has introduced the PowerVault ME5 Series, an entry-level block storage array purpose-built and optimized for price-sensitive SAN & DAS environments focused on simplicity, performance, and affordability.
Marvell® QLogic® Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters
FCP/FC-NVMe® Storage Array Support.
Dell and Marvell—True End-to-End 32Gb Fibre Channel Connectivity
Increase reliability and performance using Marvell high-speed interconnects throughout the Fibre Channel SAN.
Marvell and Brocade Technology Alliance Drives Fibre Channel to New Levels (Dell)
Marvell StorFusion and Brocade Fabric Vision combine to maximize the potential of your storage network.
Port Isolation on QLogic® Fibre Channel HBAs
FC and FC-NVMe
Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel USCM - Universal SAN Congestion Mitigation 
Effective and efficient identification and mitigation of SAN congestion by leveraging intelligent fabric – end point collaboration
Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel Port Isolation Architecture
Port-level isolation architecture provides reliability and predictability across all ports on all Marvell QLogic FC HBAs.
Marvell NVMe over Fabrics Technology Brief
Use case driven strategies for choosing between FC-NVMe, NVMe/TCP, NVMe/RDMA.
Automating and Simplifying SAN Provisioning for QLogic Enhanced 16GFC and 32GFC Fibre Channel Adapters
Leveraging Advanced Brocade Fabric Capabilities with QLogic® StorFusion
Securing Fibre Channel with Silicon Root of Trust
Crypyographically Secured Firmware on Dell PowerEdge Servers with QLogic FC HBAs Ensures SAN Integrity.