Marvell Qlogic 光纤通道适配器


Marvell Qlogic 光纤通道适配器

QLogic® Fibre Channel adapters offer best-in-class performance and functionality for Storage Area Networks. QLogic Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) feature reliable, deterministic performance with low latency. The HBAs are designed using isolated paths for each port that enables it to deliver deterministic line rate performance per port. QLogic StorFusion technology in these adapters’ features integration into the Fibre Channel fabric helping customers configure storage quickly and easily.


  • 实施中可以配置 1、2 和 4 个端口以实现最大灵活性
  • 可实现快速强大的故障排除能力
  • HBAs support advanced functionality with StorFusion™ software solution
  • 简化管理
  • 支持市场中广受欢迎的主流 OS
  • 带有端口隔离功能,实现稳定的高性能
  • Ability to operate on systems with PCIe Gen4 slots
  • Improved security with Secure Firmware Download capability


  • 快速的服务器部署和业务流程
  • 连接闪存阵列 (AFA) 存储器和服务器
  • Accelerating mission critical business applications
  • Leveraging the maximum potential of NVMe with FC-NVMe