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Marvell Steps into the Living Room—Enabling Full HD with New Dual-Channel Digital Video Format Converter

The Marvell 88DE2710 with Quiet Video Processing Enables a High-Quality Home-Theater Viewing Experience—Launching a New Era in Video Quality

Santa Clara, California (January 8, 2007) – arvell, (NASDAQ: MRVL), the leader in storage, communications, and consumer silicon solutions, today introduced the Marvell® 88DE2710 dual-channel digital video format converter for Blu-ray and HD-DVD players, DTVs, and other high-definition (HD) home-theater devices. Featuring Marvell’s quiet video processing, the 88DE2710 delivers a high-quality picture, at up to full 1080p resolution, without noise or artifacts, for a completely immersive viewing experience. Utilizing a suite of advanced video technologies, the 88DE2710 converts PC graphics and high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) digital video inputs into HD outputs, including full HD at 1080p with support for multiple frame rates, delivering luxury performance at mainstream price points.

“As displays get bigger and brighter, and have higher resolutions, keeping video ‘quiet’ is a challenge. All content has inherent noise and artifacts that are accentuated on these new-generation displays,” said Dr. Nikhil Balram, vice president and general manager of the Digital Entertainment Business Unit, Communications and Consumer Business Group at Marvell.

“Marvell’s 88DE2710, utilizing intelligent adaptive techniques based on quiet video principles renders content the way it was meant to be presented.”

The 88DE2710 features an advanced video pipeline delivering the highest quality 1080p image without compromise. Suppression of “jaggies”, flicker, video noise and compression artifacts, resulting in a clear and natural picture, is achieved by features such as:

  • Per-pixel motion-adaptive, edge-adaptive 3D de-interlacing
  • Per-pixel motion-adaptive spatio-temporal noise reduction, and
  • Content-adaptive block and mosquito noise reduction

In addition, advanced color management, incorporating local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement and Intelligent Color Remapping, produces crisp and vivid images. The 88DE2710 supports the TwinD™ architecture, which enables an auxiliary SD output for simultaneous viewing and recording of HD/SD content.

“Marvell’s 88DE2700 series of adaptive digital video format converters enable high quality 1080p images and provide a truly immersive viewing experience for a range of content." said Robert Stuart, chairman, co-founder, and technical director of Meridian Audio Limited. “Marvell’s quiet video processing technology is an ideal match to Meridian's own award-winning audio technologies and offers us the opportunity for delivering the best home theater experience in today’s increasingly demanding market.”

The 88DE2710 will be demonstrated at the Marvell booth, South Hall 3, booth 30813 and at the Meridian Audio Limited Booth, South Hall 1, booth 20538.

Targeted applications of the Marvell 88DE2710 include Blu-ray and HD-DVD players and recorders, DTVs, HD set-top boxes, media clients, DTV docks for portable media players, and AV receivers. The 88DE2710 is now sampling and will be shipping in volume by the summer of 2007.

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