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Marvell 借助强健的软件解决方案及合作伙伴生态系统,扩展其 32 位和 64 位 ARMADA Soc 系列嵌入式处理器,以适应各种应用

Marvell strengthens its leadership commitment with support of fully integrated, comprehensive software offering and hardware platform solutions for the industry-leading 32-bit and 64-bit ARMADA SoC family of embedded processors

Santa Clara, Calif. and Nuremberg, Germany (February 23, 2016) – Marvell (NASDAQ:MRVL), a world leader in storage, cloud infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity and multimedia semiconductor solutions, today announced the 32-bit and 64-bit ARMADA® system-on-chip (SoC) ecosystem of software solutions and partners for a variety of applications. Marvell’s expanded, rich ecosystem brings strong support and commitment to the open source community with software offerings including mainline Linux kernel and mainline U-Boot on publicly available community hardware platforms.

“The 32-bit and 64-bit ARMADA SoC family, paired with our full-featured software offering and integration with publicly available hardware platforms, is designed to enable the quick development of a variety of wired and wireless networking solutions. Our customers can already leverage the ARMADA SoC ecosystem on Marvell’s proven ARMADA 38x family, and will benefit from the expanded ecosystem of our 64-bit ARM®v8 powered ARMADA 3700 Cortex®-A53 device family and ARMADA 7K and ARMADA 8K Cortex-A72 device families based on our MoChi™ and FLC™ architecture,” said Michael Zimmerman, Vice President and General Manager of Connectivity, Storage and Infrastructure at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.

Based on high-performance and highly-scalable multi-core CPU technology, the ARMADA SoC family delivers a new level of performance, integration and efficiency to high-volume enterprise applications including control plane CPUs, IP appliances, storage edge, routers, security appliances, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) routers, network attached storage (NAS), home gateways, IoT hubs, wireless routers, Wi-Fi access points (WAP), surveillance video recorders and high-performance networking products. The 64-bit ARMv8 powered ARMADA 3700 Cortex-A53 device family and ARMADA 7K and ARMADA 8K Cortex-A72 device families based on MoChi and FLC architecture provide a new level of performance and power optimized devices. Marvell’s ARMADA SoC family is complemented by several software and hardware partners including Aricent, Avnet Memec - Silica, DENX, Enea, Free Electrons, Globalscale Technologies, Lauterbach, Media5, MontaVista, O.S.

Marvell offers in-house software solutions for enhancing and optimizing the performance of the ARMADA SoC family of embedded processors per target applications. The Marvell Accelerated Data Path (ADP) solution is targeted at home gateways and WAPs and is designed to significantly improve CPU utilization, which is necessary to support the rapidly increasing demand for high throughput.

“Media5 Corporation is honored to collaborate with Marvell.

“We are pleased to show Marvell’s ARMADA 38x SoC family enabled by Avnet Memec - Silica EMEA Yocto 2.0 layer at embedded world 2016,” said Mario Orlandi, President Avnet Memec - Silica EMEA. “Avnet has had a long-lasting successful collaboration working with Marvell and witnessing first-hand the company’s commitment to helping customers quickly create and deliver premier products to market.

ARMADA 38x family robust software offering includes:

  • Marvell Linux SDK
  • Marvell ADP software stack
  • Marvell MMP software stack
  • Marvell In-House JTAG debugger
  • Lauterbach JTAG debugger
  • Community open source software that includes mainline Linux kernel, mainline U-Boot, OpenWrt and FreeBSD
  • Available open source software that includes OpenWrt 14.07 and Yocto 1.6 (
  • openSUSE
  • Carrier Grade operating systems that include MontaVista CGE7 Linux and Wind River Linux
  • Third party software stacks that include Aricent IoT Gateway, Media5 M5T SIP Client Engine SDK, Sartura CPE management solutions, StreamUnlimited Stream SDK and Trend Micro Smart Home Network Solution
  • Google Brillo

ARMADA 38x family publicly available hardware platforms include:

The Marvell ARMADA 38x family’s rich ecosystem is being showcased in the Avnet Memec – Silica booth (Hall 1, Booth No. 370) at embedded world 2016, Feb. 23–25 in Nuremberg, Germany.

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