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Marvell Award-Winning Qdeo Video Processing Powers Sharp's Fourth-Generation Blu-Ray Disc Recorder

Marvell 88DE2710 delivers consistently high image quality for the best possible high-definition viewing experience

Santa Clara, California (August 5, 2008) – a target="_self" href="">Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL), a leader in storage, communications, and consumer silicon solutions, today announced that its 88DE2710 with Qdeo™ video processing ( is a featured component of the Sharp BD-HDW22/25/30 Blu-ray disc recorders, thus furthering the integration of Marvell technology into leading consumer electronics devices. This is the second consecutive generation of Sharp's Blu-ray disc recorders to use the Qdeo suite of advanced video processing technologies to deliver a consistently high-quality 1080p image, vivid true-to-life pictures, and a completely immersive home-theater experience

At the core of the Marvell® 88DE2710 digital video format converter, Qdeo delivers rich, high-definition video quality through a suite of advanced QuietVideo™ technologies, providing quiet and natural video, free of noise and artifacts. Per-pixel noise and compression artifact reduction removes noise typically inherent in digital video. Per-pixel motion-adaptive 3D de-interlacing removes jaggies and eliminates feathering. Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (ACE) and Intelligent Color Remapping (ICR) render rich and vivid images.

Reiji Asakura, vice chairman of the Society of Picture Quality Engineers in Japan stated, "Blu-ray recorder sales in Japan have really taken off, driven by both video quality and storage capacity. I have been struck by the visual enhancements that Marvell's Qdeo technology makes to both high-definition and standard-definition video content. For Blu-ray users, Qdeo enriches colors and detail, providing a superior home theater experience."

"Sharp's Blu-ray disc recorders give consumers an incredible viewing experience for their recorded programming," said Dr. Nikhil Balram, vice president and general manager of the Digital Entertainment Business Unit, Communications and Consumer Business Group at Marvell. "With our Qdeo technology built in, this recorder can deliver superior quality video that is vivid, quiet, and free of distractions so the viewer can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show."

The Sharp Blu-ray disc recorders are the fourth generation recorders by Sharp, and the second generation product to use the Marvell 88DE2710 with Qdeo processing. The BD-HDW22/25/30 include increased hard disk drive storage capacity from 250 gigabytes to a terabyte of storage, enabling up to 110 to 450 hours of high-definition storage space for consumers. The Sharp Blu-ray disc recorder is available in Japan as of July 2008.

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