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Marvell Announces Production Availability of 400G Silicon Photonics Platform for Inside Cloud Data Centers


SANTA CLARA, Calif.— Mar. 1, 2022— Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) today announced the production availability of its 400G DR4 silicon photonics platform solution for data centers. Silicon photonics is a key enabling technology to meet the demands for greater bandwidth at a lower cost and is the cornerstone for technological innovation. The Marvell® 400G DR4 platform, based on silicon photonics technology, is helping scale cloud data center architectures to address the accelerating bandwidth requirements of emerging artificial intelligence and machine-learning applications.  

As part of Marvell’s unique electro-optics portfolio, the 400G DR4 silicon photonics platform enables lower cost per bit, faster time to market, and paves the way for higher integration for cloud-optimized electro-optical solutions. The platform solution also offers customers the ability to leverage the cost advantages of high-volume silicon wafer-scale manufacturing. Marvell’s innovative collaborative business model offers the lowest cost per bit of optical modules while the complete electro-optics 400G DR4 platform enables the fastest time to market.

“By providing our customers with a fully proven silicon wafer-scale platform solution, we are helping them achieve faster ramps while also lowering their cost per bit,” said Keith Nellis, associate vice president, Optical and Copper Connectivity Group, Marvell. “This is another example of Marvell’s commitment to providing customers with innovative product and business solutions they can rely on to succeed in the marketplace.”

“Cloud Light designs, markets, and manufactures advanced optical modules for data center interconnects,” said Infinity Huang, vice president of Product Management for Cloud Light Technology Limited (“Cloud Light”). “The Marvell 400G DR4 silicon photonics platform offers a compelling cost per bit solution and is aligned with our efforts to deliver innovative, high-quality optical modules in a rapidly evolving global market.”

400G DR4 Silicon Photonics Platform Solution Key Features:

  • Marvell’s complete silicon photonics transceiver with four low-loss transmit Mach-Zehnder modulators, and four high-responsivity, receive photodiodes
  • Low-power, flip-chip TIA with excellent sensitivity, overload, and error floor
  • Analog controller IC which replaces multiple discrete components for laser bias, configuration and monitoring of silicon photonics, and TIA control
  • Marvell’s Porrima™ 7-nm low-power PAM4 DSP with integrated 56Gbaud laser driver


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