Link Street 88E6393X

A versatile IC solution with the scope to serve multiple industry sectors

Link Street 88E6393X Switch

The Marvell® Link Street® 88E6393X device is a single-chip, 11-Port Ethernet Switch with eight integrated 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet transceivers and 3 high speed SerDes interfaces supporting USXGMII, 10GBASE-R, 5GBASE-R, 2500BASE-X, 1000BASE-X, SGMII.

The 88E6393X provides advanced QoS features with 8 egress queues. The high performance switch fabric provides line rate switching on all ports simultaneously while providing advanced switch functionality. The device includes TCAM to enable flexible switch policing, including Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Policy Control Lists (PCLs). These new standards overcome the latency and bandwidth limitations of Ethernet to allow for the efficient transmission of real-time content for home, commercial, and industrial applications.

The 88E6393X also supports IEEE 802.1BR port extender protocol, which enables dramatic reduction of the complexity and cost of the Ethernet network.

Key Features

  • 11-port Ethernet Switch- Eight 10/100/1000Mbps PHYs;2 XG SerDes; 1 XG SerDes or RGMII
  • TCAM for Deep Packet Inspection
  • L3 Routing
  • IEEE802.1BR Port Extender
  • Cut-through
  • IEEE 1588v2
  • DoS Prevention

Target Applications

  • SMB Switch with L3 Routing support
  • 802.1BR Port Extender
  • Industrial Switch
  • Gateway - Port Aggregation for SoC