Carrier and Service Provider Solutions

5G Infrastructure Solutions

From baseband SoCs with integrated DSP cores and Arm® multi-core SoCs to security and workload optimized hardware acceleration, Marvell® offers a wide range of carrier provider infrastructure products and proof of concept contributions fueling a world of intelligent connectivity. Transportation, industrial manufacturing, entertainment and public services are among the sectors that stand to benefit as 5G infrastructure powered by Marvell Arm SoCs improves the throughput and latencies to process applications at the network edge.

5G is not a one-size-fits-all model. 5G will co-exist with 4G LTE while enabling selected new services by taking advantage of new network capabilities and user experiences that 5G technology enables. Different operators will have different approaches. Marvell has made key contributions to industry associations like the Telecom Infra Project’s OpenCellular Project and the Open Network Foundation CORD program to ensure that no matter the use case or chosen approach, Marvell has the technology to make it work.


Marvell® OCTEON™ processors and OCTEON Fusion-M baseband processors are targeted for infrastructure processing, e.g. Multi-Access Edge Computing and a variety of 5G RAN applications, including multi-sector macro base stations, micro base stations and intelligent remote radio heads as well as enterprise and microcell LTE base station designs.



Marvell® Prestera® packet processors are key building blocks for new enterprise network architectures. Marvell switch products enable high-density throughput for attaching to networking storage devices.


PHY 收发器

Marvell PHY 收发器产品为适用一系列端口密度进行优化,与工业自动化领域的领导者共同合作设计,并在要求严苛的工业应用中通过了审核。