Marvell QLogic 2690 系列光纤通道适配器

单端口、双端口和四端口增强版 Gen 5 FC (16GFC) 光纤通道适配器借助低 CPU 使用率和全硬件卸载能力为行业提供领先的原生 FC 性能

QLogic 2690 系列光纤通道适配器

The Marvell® QLogic® 2690 Series of Enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel (FC) adapters comprise a complete portfolio of single, dual, and quad-port adapters, designed for enterprise data centers requiring the ultimate in FC performance, power efficiency, reliability, and investment protection for demanding virtualized and private cloud environments. These adapters deliver the industry’s leading FC performance with up to 2.6 million IOPS (up to 650K IOPS per port) with optimal load balancing and linear performance scalability per port. The QLogic port-isolation design provides independent data paths for each port, prevents errors and firmware crashes from propagating across all ports. It also extends predictable and scalable performance across all ports. The 2690 Series adapters support QLogic StorFusion™ technology offering comprehensive port diagnostics, rapid provisioning, and guaranteed performance service level agreements (SLAs) when used in conjunction with Brocade® Gen 5 FC Fabric. QLogic 2690 Series adapters provide unmatched operational efficiency with up to 75% lower power per port compared to the competition for reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). They also leverage QLogic StarPower™ technology with dynamic and adaptive power management features to optimize power and thermal footprints in the data center.


  • 强大的虚拟化特性使这款适配器理想适用于需要绝佳 I/O 性能的虚拟环境,从而可以服务不断增长的虚拟机 (VM) 数量。
  • 行业领先的原生 FC 性能具备极低的 CPU 使用率,可充分利用全硬件卸载能力,适用于下一代性能敏感型虚拟化工作负载
  • 16GFC FC 每端口最大吞吐量可实现高带宽 SAN 流量和低延迟,有助于全闪存阵列 (AFA) 技术实现性能最大化
  • 与传统的 Gen 5 FC 相比,每端口性能更高,兼具高达 650K IOPS 每端口(双端口高达 130 万 IOPS,四端口高达 260 万 IOPS)
  • 运行费用 (OPEX) 更低,功耗要求降低 75% 且功率提升 75%
  • 凭借 StorFusion 技术降低 TCO,与受支持的 Brocade 交换机搭配使用时,可以提供简化部署、端到端诊断和服务质量 (QoS) 优化性能
  • 高可用性端口隔离架构可实现 100% 可预测的、稳定的且可扩展的性能
  • 重叠保护域 (OPD) 在数据往返 PCI 总线和 FC 网络时保证其高度可靠性
  • FC-NVMe 具备在同一端口上同时访问 NVMe™ 和 FCP 存储的能力

Product Comparison Tables

产品型号 特性 文档
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QLE2694L-CK PCIe 3.0, x8, Quad / 4-ports, 16GFC, SR-Optic, SFF+, Low Profile 数据手册