Wi-Fi 6 Solutions

Delivering a complete portfolio of fully compliant 802.11ax solutions

The most complete implementation of Wi-Fi 6 solutions

Marvell offers the industry’s most complete Wi-Fi 6 portfolio. Optimized for enterprise and retail access points, carrier gateways, and set-top boxes, it’s the first Wi-Fi solution that provides full MU-MIMO and OFDMA uplink and downlink based on the latest IEEE 802.11ax standards. This will enable the next generation of high-end users, “Generation Upload,” with real-time cloud-based requirements.


Marvell Offers Broad Portfolio of True Wi-Fi 6 Solutions



High density environments such as stadiums and crowded public venues put immense pressure on network infrastructures. Marvell Wi-Fi 6 solutions are optimized for the demanding requirements of enterprise access points, dramatically improving network effectiveness in these dense deployments. With full MU-MIMO and OFDMA uplink and downlink, multi-gigabit peak speeds, precision location, cloud management, best-in-class beamforming and integrated Bluetooth® 5 technology, the Marvell Wi-Fi 6 portfolio meets the low latency and real-time performance needs to deliver exceptional Wi-Fi experiences.



当今的企业网络面临着连接设备、高清流媒体视频、社交媒体和云应用的急剧增长所带来的巨大挑战。 据 GSMA 称,至 2022 年,每户家庭预计将平均安设 50 个连接设备。 稳定的性能和提升的网络效率成为至关必要的需求。 Marvell 是第一家基于最新 IEEE 802.11ax 标准而提供完整 MU-MIMO 及 OFDMA 上行链路和下行链路的公司,可帮助运营商和服务提供商满足由下一代高端用户所推动的实时、基于云的应用需求。


Consumer behavior has outpaced technology, putting pressure on the market to scale bandwidth rapidly. Concurrent upload and download, low latency and guaranteed reliability expectations require leveraging new capabilities. The Marvell Wi-Fi 6 portfolio sets new industry benchmarks for speed and coverage delivering performance and reliability to support more devices in the home. Full OFDMA uplink and downlink, implicit and explicit beamforming, and integrated Bluetooth® 5 are enabling service providers and set-top box manufacturers to meet these growing needs of the consumer.

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