Alaska X 88X3240P

A 28nm 10GBASE-T PHY capable of 10Gbps data rates over Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable

88X3240P Features


  • A 4-port Quad-speed Ethernet PHY designed to bring the benefits of IEEE 10GBASE-T standard to the data center, enterprise switches, and storage and server equipment.
  • Achieves industry-leading power consumption across all cable lengths
  • Enables low-power dissipation and lower cost design
  • IEEE 1588v2 timestamping and SyncE support


  • Integrated advanced Virtual Cable Tester (VCT)cable performance function
  • Supports Marvell LinkCrypt, a feature based on the IEEE802.1ae MACsec protocol


  • A complete single-chip solution for all Ethernet rates and achieves industry-leading low-power consumption
  • Includes advanced features such as Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP) and MACsec link security encryption
  • Supports Category 6- (screened or unscreened), Category 6a- (Augmented) and Category 7-type cables at full range
  • MACsec function- full 802.1ae compliance supporting default cipher suite GCM-AES-128
  • Integral FIFOs to absorb MACsec processing overhead; can operate in both cut-through and storeforward modes
  • Integral MACs ensure IEEEcompliant statistics collection and timely response to pause frames
  • Complete IEEE MAC and MACsec statistics collected for all ports