Marvell QLogic 8300 系列光纤通道控制器

双功能 16Gb 光纤通道/10GbE 到 PCIe 聚合网络控制器

8300 FC 控制器

Marvell® QLogic® 8300 Series Controllers are fourth generation of Converged Network Controllers. They boast industry-leading native Fibre Channel performance—achieving dual-port, line-rate, 16-gigabit Fibre Channel throughput—at extremely low CPU utilization with full hardware offloads. In addition, the controllers support simultaneous LAN (TCP/IP) and SAN [Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and iSCSI] traffic at line rate, 10Gbps Ethernet (GbE) speeds. This extreme performance eliminates potential I/O bottlenecks in today’s powerful multiprocessor, multicore servers.


Marvell QLogic’s end-to-end data integrity with overlapping protection domain (OPD) and support for T10 DIF makes the 8300 Series controllers ideal for file- and block-based storage controller applications. The ability to support either 16Gb Fibre Channel or 10GbE and multiple protocols simultaneously on the same hardware offers multi-tenancy flexibility, which is ideal for private and public cloud environments.

  • 10GbE 的每端口最大吞吐量更加适合高带宽聚合存储 (SAN) 和联网流量,同时又可以在两个端口上支持线路速率原生 16Gb 光纤通道流量
  • 高达 100 万的光纤通道/FCoE IOPS 可以减少高度事务密集型应用和虚拟环境中的延迟问题
  • 用于虚拟环境中更高速性能的存储和联网单根 I/O 虚拟化 (SR-IOV) 支持
  • 通过在同一控制器上启用并行 TCP/IP、FCoE 和 iSCSI,减少硬件、布线和管理成本。 同一控制器还可以借助全面向后兼容性支持原生 16Gb 光纤通道
  • 通过使用最少数量的 PCI Express® 通道(lanes)在 PCIe® Gen3 环境中降低电力和冷却成本
  • OPD 在数据往返 PCI 总线时保证其高度可靠性
  • 为传统 8Gb 和 4Gb 光纤宽带基础设施和 1/10GbE iSCSI 存储器实现完整的投资保护
  • 端口灵活度兼具对四个 1GbE 端口、两个 10GbE/16Gb 光纤通道端口或是两个 10GbE 端口和两个 1GbE 端口的支持


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EP8324 发货单最小数量为 144 部设备(每托盘 36 部设备 x 4 个托盘),数量按照 36(1 托盘)的整数倍增加。 数据手册