Marvell QLogic 2700 系列光纤通道控制器

Gen 6 FC (32GFC) 光纤通道控制器可提供行业领先的原生 FC 性能,CPU 使用率极低且具备全硬件卸载能力

2700 FC 控制器

The Marvell® QLogic® 2700 series controllers are Gen 6 (32Gb) dual-port and quad-port Fibre Channel controllers. Used for initiator- or target-mode implementations, this controller delivers the ultimate in Fibre Channel performance, power efficiency, reliability, and investment protection. With up to 256 Gbps of bidirectional throughput, the QLogic 2700 Series is the ideal choice for the most demanding of flash-based storage solutions. The 2700 Series provides the industry's top Fibre Channel performance with support for up to 650K I/O operations per second (IOPS) per port optimizing storage access for hyper-scale virtualization, solid-state storage technologies, and new data center architecture. QLogic's port-isolation design provides independent data paths for each port to deliver consistent and predictable performance across each port. The 2700 series controllers provide unmatched operational efficiency and leverage QLogic StarPower™ technology with dynamic and adaptive power management features to optimize power and thermal footprints in the data center.


  • 高达 260 万的 IOPS 在全闪存阵列 (AFA) 和高密度虚拟环境中推动高性能
  • 多达四个 32Gbps 光纤通道端口可提供总计高达 256Gbps 的双向吞吐量
  • 与此前的 Gen 5 解决方案相比,性能功耗比得到极大提高
  • 业内首个面向传统 16/8Gbps 光纤通道基础设施提供综合性投资保护的 Gen 6 光纤通道解决方案
  • 完善的每端口流量隔离可以帮助实现更大的可靠性和安全性


产品型号 内容 文档
EP2714 四端口嵌入式控制器。 发货单最小数量为 192 部设备(每托盘 24 部设备 x 8 个托盘)。 数据手册
EP2722 双端口嵌入式控制器。 发货单最小数量为 210 部设备(每托盘 70 部设备 x 3 个托盘)。 数据手册