Interoperability with OpenStack

Marvell products enable OpenStack users to focus on building scalable applications and services with a robust underlying infrastructure.

Interoperability with OpenStack

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Commonly deployed as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution, the OpenStack® open-source cloud operating system controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center. The OpenStack Liberty release takes place at a time when production deployments compose half of OpenStack deployments, while hyperscale cloud and network functions virtualization (NFV) are the fastest-growing use case for OpenStack cloud software.

OpenStack conceptual architecture

The Marvell® suite of FastLinQ® Intelligent Ethernet Adapters and Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) interoperate with the OpenStack cloud operating system for networking as well as block, file and object storage. The core networking and storage services provided by Marvell products enable OpenStack users to focus on building scalable applications and services with a robust underlying infrastructure.

For networking connectivity under Neutron, Marvell FastLinQ Performance NICs support a comprehensive list of virtualization and multi-tenant services, including Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) and Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) offloads for the most sophisticated enterprise data centers, as well as private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments. Marvell adapters also support switch independent NIC partitioning (NPAR), Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabric (NVMe-oF), Universal Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA - RoCE, RoCEv2 and iWARP), Network File System over RDMA (NFSoRDMA), Server Message Block over RDMA (SMB Direct), Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), VMware para-virtualized RDMA (pvRDMA), iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER) plus fully offloaded iSCSI and the highest performance Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) transports in the industry to guarantee peak workload service-level agreements (SLAs) for performance-sensitive applications, with minimal consumption of expensive processing resources.

To simplify the deployment of Marvell adapters in OpenStack environments, administrators can utilize the following helpful resources:

  •   Interoperability Guides or "cookbooks" of proven solutions configured with Marvell adapters for OpenStack
  •   Automated configuration scripts to simplify deployment
  •   The Marvell QConvergeConsole® adapter management suite gives operations staff visibility into relationships between physical interfaces and the virtual services running over them through comprehensive topology mapping adds powerful capabilities alongside the OpenStack dashboard

Marvell solutions are compatible with OpenStack Keystone, Neutron, Nova, Cinder, Glance and Swift services for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) applications. Marvell offers a comprehensive portfolio of 10, 25, 40, 50 and 100Gb Ethernet solutions that take I/O performance to unprecedented levels in OpenStack environments!.