Is NVMe/TCP the Eventual NVMe-oF Protocol Winner?

网络研讨会: Marvell FastLinQ 以太网 NVMe/TCP

Marvell FastLinQ 10/25/50/100 GbE NVMe/TCP Technology

The NVMe/TCP specification has been recently ratified by®. Marvell and other industry leaders lead by G2M Research throw light on use cases for NVMe over TCP (NVMe™/TCP™) and Other NVMe-oF® Protocols.

This webinar will provide insights by industry experts into this revolutionary technology and investigate these questions:

  • What is NVMe/TCP?
  • What are the use cases where NVMe/TCP is compelling?
  • Where do other NVMe-oTCP fabrics/protocols such as NVMe-oRoCE, NVMe-oiWARP, NVMe-oFC, and NVMe-oIB fit into the mix?
  • What industry dynamics are driving the adoption of NVMe/TCP?
  • Best practices for scaling out NVMe over Fabrics

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