Visit Marvell at Arm TechCon 2018

October 16-18, 2018

Visit Marvell at Arm TechCon

As data continues to grow at an exponential rate, the massive infrastructure required to process all of this data will need to expand and also extend to the edge. At Marvell, we develop the core infrastructure technologies that process, move, store and secure the world’s data faster and more reliably. We invite you to visit us at the 2018 Arm Technology Conference to see our Arm-based networking and compute solutions in action with our ecosystem partners across cloud, data center and enterprise applications.

Experience our latest developments including:

  • Edge Compute Node powered by AWS at the Edge of the network: Demonstrating Edge compute appliances on Marvell Infrastructure Processors by running AWS Greengrass Lambda functions for low latency and compute intensive workloads such as object recognition and analytics. The demonstration also includes cloud connectivity providing flexible compute models.

  • Thunder X2: Marvell second generation 64-bit Armv8 based SoC family delivering core and socket level performance comparable to highest end incumbent server CPUs, with best-in-class memory bandwidth, memory capacity and rich IO configurations. The ThunderX2 family includes over 40 different SKUs for both scale up and scale out applications.
    • Static display of various ThunderX2 based OEM and ODM platforms
    • Demonstration of HPC applications running on ThunderX2 based platforms

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